ALS in the Heartland

ALS in the Heartland provides the highest quality of support and care to individuals with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and their families.

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Address: 1320 S 119th Street
Omaha , NE 68144
Phone Number: 402-592-2374 ext. 202
Fax: 402-592-2581
ALS is a motor neuron disease with no current definitive explanation of the cause, no known treatment, and no recognized cure. Upon diagnosis, individuals with ALS are typically given 2-5 years to live. It is a devastating, fatal disease that robs people systematically of their abilities - loss of the ability to move their legs, to walk, to write or move their arms, to eat, to swallow, and to talk. At the end of the disease cycle, people with ALS are held captive in their bodies which are unable to move besides the blink of their eyes, all while their cognitive abilities remain the same.

ALS in the Heartland (ALSITH) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit agency that serves individuals with ALS, their families, and caregivers in all of Nebraska and western Iowa. All donations given to ALSITH during Give Where You Live will be designated for ALS patient families in the Kearney Area.

Free services provided by ALS in the Heartland and their impact include:

- Provision of one-on-one support, education, and therapy. 98% of patients have utilized this support.

- A respite grant program which provides financial assistance to hire licensed home-health providers to assist with the ALS patient remaining at home and provide relief to family
caregivers. 62% of ALS patients have lived their final days at home due to this program.

- Equipment loan pool of over 400 items, with delivery provided. Individuals with ALS have been able to stay at their place of employment for a longer period of time with equipment

- A telehealth program allowing virtual visits between home bound and remote patients and ALSITH's Patient Services staff and/or other health providers.

ALSITH is not funded by, or affiliated with, the National ALS Association. All funds raised by ALSITH remain in Nebraska and Iowa to solely and immediately support people with ALS living in those states.
• "We are grateful for ALS in the Heartland providing support for our needs and encouragement for our struggles" - a loved one of a recently deceased ALS patient, age 31.
• "ALS in the Heartland has been a tremendous source of assistance where we find nothing available in our area" - an ALS patient in rural Nebraska, age 79.
• "Thank you for all the things you have done and continue to do. The compassion you show is critical to surviving the ALS ordeal" - a husband of an ALS patient, age 62.