Agency on Aging

The Agency on Aging advocates and provides supportive services to allow older persons to remain independent and in their own homes.

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Address: 620 East 25th, Suite 12
Kearney, NE 68847
Phone Number: 308-234-1851
Fax: 308-234-1853
The Agency on Aging provides a variety of services, including: Case Management, Medicaid Waiver, Health/Nutrition, Senior Health Insurance Counseling, Family Caregiver Support, Chore, Long-term Care Ombudsman and Legal Services. The Agency does not charge for these services, but accepts contributions to help cover the costs and expand services.

For example, the Family Caregiver Program pays for Personal Emergency Response Systems for approximately 60 older persons, per month. The Personal Emergency Response Systems allow an older person to push a button and call for help if there is an emergency. The cost is around $25.00 per month and allows an older person to remain independent and in his/her own home, with a peace of mind that if they need help, it is only a phone call away. Currently the Agency has a waiting list. A gift of $25.00 could pay for one month for an older person needing this service.

The Care Management program conducts assessments of older individuals to help determine the person's needs and then helps coordinate and set up services to meet those needs. Care Managers may set up transportation, help finding in-home help, and coordinating with other agencies to meet a client's needs, just to name a few. Currently the Agency has a waiting list for this service. Any amount donated could help in reaching older persons needing help to stay in his/her own home.

Overall, the Agency provides advocacy for older adults in the community. It means helping to provide services that allow them to stay in their own homes and be independent. Whether it is setting up in-home help or representing an older adult when someone violates their legal rights, or they need help in finding housing, the Agency on Aging is there to help.

Any contribution you give can help an older person remain independent and live with dignity in our community.