Axtell Public Library

The Axtell Public Library's primary goal is to raise money to help with day to day operating costs, programs and renovations.
The Library exists to provide equal access to information, provide quality materials and services, and to promote the enjoyment of reading, culture, and the pursuit of lifelong learning.

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Address: 305 North Main
Axtell, NE 68924
Phone Number: 308-743-2592
The Axtell Public Library is in the process of expanding its programs and offerings to the community by growing and updating our available collection. The Friends of the Axtell Public Library was created to help the library raise money for day to day operations, new materials and new programming.

The current building was gifted in 2001 to be used as the new Public Library. In the years since, we have significantly outgrown the available space and have found the layout limits our ability to grow our collection and is not handicap accessible.

Our long range goals are to renovate and expand our current building to make it more accessible to everyone and a more comfortable, usable and attractive space for the community.