Buffalo County Community Partners

Our mission is to assess, strengthen, and promote
the health of Buffalo County.

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Address: 1755 Prairie View Place
Kearney, NE 68845
Website: http://www.bcchp.org
Email: info@bcchp.org
Phone Number: 308-865-2284
Give s'more to save lives in Buffalo County!

A donation to Buffalo County Community Partners will

• Help give teens a voice on issues affecting their lives.
• Help new moms and dads navigate those first precious years.
• Help us deal with loss, stress, and all those experiences that make life tough.
• Help children express themselves in positive ways.
• Help support those of us who can't always remember.
• Help keep us healthy by being active and eating right.
• Help keep us safe from substance abuse.

Every dollar donated to Community Partners is matched by $6 in local, state and federal grants to support your community. Donations remain in your community to support local youth, parents, work sites, schools and other residents.

Community Partners engage and empower youth, educators, elected officials, health care providers, human services agencies, faith communities, business leaders, employees and families to collaborate and create new ways to solve local issues.

Additionally, consider donating your time and voice as a volunteer to support our mission. You might also consider adopting policies or programs in your workplace, faith community or schools that emphasize healthy behaviors. Start a conversation with your family or peers about health issues that are important to you.

Join our Community Partners family, 4000+ members strong. Add your strengths to our partnership!

We invite you to join us as we work to build a Healthier Buffalo County by 2020. Give S'more to Save Lives in Buffalo County.

Make a donation, volunteer or start a conversation today to help us build a healthier Buffalo County.
YAB has time after time helped me to improve as a person. I have branched out of my comfort zone and made new friends. It has allowed me to help my community in a positive way and make a difference. -Samantha Phillips-Senior Pleasanton YAB member

I joined Community Partners because I saw an organization that can improve the health of many in our community by working together collectively to find the answers and develop and deliver programs. -- Dr. Ken Shaffer, Retired Pediatrician and Board Member

Partners has been critical to our community's success to date and a driving force as we move forward. -- Stan Clouse, Mayor, City of Kearney

YAB has given me the opportunity to grow personally as a leader in the community. I am excited to experience a new level of growth this year while educating and serving our communities - Kathleen Kuhl- Senior Shelton High School YAB member

Once our students learn the concepts (social emotional learning), just a little prompting from the teachers is all that is needed to help the students refocus their behavior in positive ways. It's easy to see why teaching these skills to young students will help lead to success. -- Sue Klein, Retired YMCA Child Care Center

I believe strongly that the work of Community partners made the after-Cruise Night gatherings safer last year and that effect will snowball with the Partnerships involvement each year. Community Partners has the unique ability to draw together the players needed to address a large challenge like the crowds drawn by the post-Cruise Night gatherings. Landlords, law enforcement, city government - representatives from each group were able to communicate directly, that wouldn't have happened without Community Partners. I'd encourage other landlords who own property along 25th St. to join us, united efforts by everyone definitely affected the crowds. It made us feel like we had some control over what happened on our property and, hopefully, someone's kids were safer that night because we were there. -- Mary Jo Chatelain, Property Owner, Kearney

Our students are very fortunate to have a class that teaches them empathy building skills, problem solving and anger management. -- Angie Drahota, Counselor, Ravenna Public Schools

Activate Buffalo County has been helpful in creating unique and dynamic wellness programming and ideas that consistently evolve and ensure the best possibility of long term success for our employees. -- Katie George, Registered Dietitian, HyVee
BCCP's efforts is a shining example of how a community can work together to accomplish great things. -- Darrin Robinson, Executive Director, Buffalo County Economic Development