Kearney/Buffalo County CASA

CASA provides free services to abused and neglected children in our community by matching every child with a CASA Advocate Volunteer. Our Volunteers are screened, trained and provided with professional staff to aid them with the important role. As you go about the day today, remember all the children that are not going to be "home" today but rather to a stranger's house.

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Address: 16 West 11th St. P.O. Box 2288
Kearney, NE 68847
Phone Number: 308-865-5675
Fax: 308-865-5681
Raising a child takes a village. We ask that you take part in helping raise that child that is in foster care right here in your own community today by donating. Kearney/Buffalo County CASA advocates for that child to find a safe and permanent home.

By Investing in the Kearney/Buffalo County CASA program, our project will be able to expand our services in order for us to serve 100% of abuse and neglected children. The population we serve are abused and/or neglected youth between the ages of 0-19 years of age and reside in Kearney or Buffalo Counties. The impact it will have in our community is that we will be able to increase the involvement of more CASA Volunteers to provide positive voices for our youth who depend on us to do something about their situation. Most importantly, it will help provide a healthy community for all our youth.

"To give a child a CASA is to give them a voice. To give them a voice is to give them hope, and to give them hope is to give them the world." ~Pamela Butler, former CASA child.

Being a CASA, Teresa Carey strives to see the children that was affected by abuse, succeed in life and are willing to go out of her way. Ms. Carey has served six children since April 2014.

Teresa Carey, states, "The reason I became a CASA Volunteer was because unfortunately there are so many children displaced from their families and homes these days that I wanted to help in some way. I wanted to be a positive influence in the life of a child. To help make things better if I could. We have so much that we can give, time and resources."