Amateur Radio Emergency Service

The mission of Amateur Radio Emergency Service of Buffalo County is to serve the public by offering volunteer communication services in times of disaster or in other ways as needed in conjunction with local, state, and/or federal authorities.

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Address: 2675 Cottonmill Avenue
Kearney, NE 68845
Phone Number: 308-627-6550
One of the ways Amateur Radio Emergency Services serves the public is during times of severe weather. By deploying to various spots around the community, they serve as extra "eyes" for the National Weather Service and local Emergency Management since weather radar cannot fully detect everything that is going on, especially close to the ground. By spotting and reporting via amateur radio, they help authorities to gain an extra edge in storm detection and evaluation.

Not only would they serve before a disaster such as a tornado or the like, they would also deploy after the disaster strikes to aid in communicating messages when other means of communication are either clogged or disabled. Amateur radio works person-to-person, without infrastructure, to get the messages through. If shelters need to be set up, they can set up there as well to communicate with authorities or other served agencies like the Red Cross, for example.

They also serve in an auxiliary role outside of major disaster, such as aiding law enforcement with traffic control for example, or providing communication from points along a run or walk event or on a parade route. These are just some of the ways in which Amateur Radio Emergency Services provides service to the community.

All of this is done by volunteers out of the goodness of their hearts, but there is a continuing need for equipment maintenance, emergency supplies, training, and other things to keep their contribution to the community going.
"When all else fails, amateur radio comes through." This has been true since amateur radio's inception well over 100 years ago. When other forms of communication fail, amateur radio is always there as a way to communicate. Cell phone service can become bogged down or break down in times of major disaster, but amateur radio can still make it through. This is true to the present day: when hurricanes wreak havoc on the coasts, amateur radio is there to help. When blizzards or ice storms bring things to a halt, amateur radio is there to help. Amateur radio played a major role in the communication efforts after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Hurricane Harvey in Houston, and countless other scenarios such as these.

Amateur Radio Emergency Services of Buffalo County is a resource in Kearney and the surrounding area that is here to help in any way they can to get the message through when other means fail.